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When the weather starts to get colder, wind, dry air from central heating and low humidity can make your skin dry flaky and itchy. 


Long hot showers or baths may seem a wonderful way to warm you through but are likely to contribute to dry skin. Hot water causes vasodilation, this means that the blood vessels expand.  This can cause a chain reaction whereby the amount of fluid moves out of the blood vessels into the tissues and means increased swelling to the areas that are affected by Lymphoedema.  Warm showers are preferable, but as always this is a personal choice. 

Image describes winter skin care tip while showering.

Although temperatures outside are lower you can still get sun burnt and snow can also act as a reflector, therefore, don’t go without your sunscreen.

Skin from autumn and throughout winter can become chapped and dry so pay attention to exposed areas of skin including the lips.  If you start to scratch because your skin has become dry, then you may cause a break in the skin which allows the possibility of infection which isn’t good for lymphoedema skin.

Winter Skin Care


You may be indoors more during the winter months but please keep to your skin-care routine. 

Make sure after bathing or showering you dry between your toes and wherever you have skin folds.


You may need to add more moisturiser or moisturise several times a day.

Pay particular attention to exposed areas of your skin to prevent them chaffing.


Prevent winter related damage. Protect your skin from becoming dry, cracked or flaky.

When moisturising your skin pay attention to the following areas:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Lips

  • Hands,

  • Arms and don't forget your elbow

  • Leg

  • Back of your knees

  • Feet including heels & tips of your toes

Dry Flaky Skin

Body Brushing before your shower may help to remove dry flaky skin and improve circulation. 


Check your skin daily for breaks or cracks and treat immediately to avoid infections like cellulitis. 



Christmas and New Year are a big part of the Winter months.  Wintry weather can play havoc with mood and skin care so make sure you keep to your skin care routines, find time for yourself, and wherever possible take in some fresh air.

Image describing how to protect your skin from the cold weather

Night Time


Moisturise your skin before going to bed.  Keep a glass of water on your bedside table. To aid sleep turn off all phones or tablets.

Night-time skincare.
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