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The Benefits

Dry body brushing is a routine that may benefit your daily skin care routine using a natural bristle brush moving lightly and smoothly across the skin. Vigorous motions should be avoided to prevent any potential harm or rupture of the skin.

The aim is to eliminate dead skin cells and prevent the skin from drying out, body brushing will leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Additionally, body brushing aids in the removal of pollutants and promotes cell renewal. It could significantly benefit the lymphatic system by stimulating lymphatic flow. In addition to increasing circulation and blood flow, body brushing stimulates the sebaceous and sweat glands.  Because I have exceptionally dry skin, I incorporate body brushing into my skin care regimen around three times per week. This is my personal choice.  Occasionally, it increases my urge to urinate, but it is simply my body eliminating excess fluid, so I do not mind that as a side effect.


The increasing hardening of the skin known as fibrosis may affect patients who have lymphoedema. As fibrous tissue is a common complication of lymphoedema, brushing the affected limbs of the body may provide some relief.

Body Brushing

  • restores radiance to the skin

  • stimulates circulation

  • eliminates toxins

  • ​rejuvenates the nervous system

  • boosts skin elasticity

  • ​removes dead skin



  • use long, upward overlapping strokes

  • avoid skin that is broken or wounded

  • best time to brush is in the morning before a shower


Where to buy?

You can buy your brush at pharmacies; supermarkets and I bought mine at a garden centre.  Look for a natural bristle brush. I have a brush that has a long handle to reach the parts of the body that are difficult to reach.  I can separate the head and handle to use on its own and the handy strap means I can slip in my hand that, allows me to hold the head of the brush firmly.







Keep your brush clean

When dry brushing, remember that the brush will collect dead skin cells, and bacteria within the bristles and the base of the bristles. To prevent cellulitis/infection please cleanse the brush after each use. Use hot soapy water and dry in natural sunlight, or face down on a clean towel. 

Natural bristle brush. Use with long handle or detach to use as hand brush


I know that many of L-W-O Community members also use dry skin brushing.  However, at the time of writing I could not find any research that scientifically either proved its value or disproved its value for lymphoedema skin.

L-W-O Community advises you to seek guidance from your healthcare professional prior to adding dry brushing into your skincare routine. Dry brushing may enhance circulation and stimulate lymphatic flow.

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